Hebei Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology was founded in 1956, and has been running schools in Chengde, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Handan and other places. Now it is located in Xingtai City, west of the scenic Taihang Mountains. Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Xingheng Expressway and Xingfen Expressway run through the city with convenient transportation. Guo Moruo wrote the name of the school twice. In April 2003, the People's Government of Hebei Province approved the independent upgrade of the institute to an ordinary college of higher education and renamed it "Hebei Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology".
The Institute is a state-run full-time general higher education institution affiliated to the Education Department of Hebei Province. It is a model higher vocational college of Hebei Province, a high quality higher vocational college of Hebei Province, a construction unit of the "Double High" Plan for Higher Vocational colleges of Hebei Province, a national backbone college of mechanical and electrical industry, a national outstanding vocational college of school-enterprise cooperation and talent training in the machinery industry, a training unit of the national model vocational education group, a leading unit of the Hebei Equipment Manufacturing Vocational Education Group, and a national model vocational education set League (Alliance) training unit, deputy Secretary-General unit of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Modern Manufacturing Vocational Education Group", and national training project base for professional backbone teachers in higher vocational colleges. In 2014, it was approved by the provincial Department of Education, and jointly built "School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Xingtai University" with Xingtai University and Xingtai Equipment Manufacturing Industry Association, filling the gap of applied undergraduate mechanical and electrical professional colleges in Xingtai City. Since then, the institute has stepped into the ranks of cultivating applied technology undergraduate talents, laying a good foundation for the connection between junior college, undergraduate and graduate students. In July 2019, the 20th Hebei University Sports Meeting was held in our institute. As the first higher vocational college that successfully held the Sports Meeting in the history of Hebei Province, it was praised by provincial and municipal leaders, participating colleges and all walks of life.
The college covers an area of nearly 53,333 square meters with fixed assets of 848 million yuan. It recruits students from all over the country and has 15,000 students. It offers 46 majors including machine manufacturing and automation, numerical control technology, electrical automation technology, UAV application technology, industrial robot technology, automobile detection and maintenance technology, new energy vehicle technology, intelligent welding technology, construction engineering technology, software technology, big data and accounting, leisure sports, covering 8 fields such as equipment manufacturing, electronic information, finance and trade. Among them, there are 5 key vocational education majors supported by the central finance, 3 characteristic majors of the national machinery industry, 2 demonstration majors of Hebei Province, and 2 majors of Hebei Provincial Education industry standard implementation model school, forming a school-running pattern of "mainly engineering and both liberal arts and management" with equipment manufacturing major groups as the leader and related major groups developing in a coordinated manner.
The college has 4 national training bases, including "National Numerical Control Technology Training Base for Talents in Shortage", "National Demonstration Electrical, Electronic and Automation Technology Training Base", "Central Financial Support for Machinery Manufacturing and Automation training base" and "Central Financial support for national Automotive Electronics Training Base". It has the Gold Material Processing and Digital Molding Application Technology Research and Development Center of Hebei High School, and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Mechanical and Electrical Professional Application Technology. There are 130 practice and training places on campus, including the practice and training centers that accommodate 800 students at the same time and can carry out productive training of machine, electricity, pliers, casting, welding and mold, and 220 off-campus practice and industry-school cooperation bases. With the national Vocational Skill appraisal Institute, adult higher education correspondence station and national, provincial and municipal skill training bases, it can undertake the examination and appraisal work of 32 X certificate pilot projects.
The Institute has 584 faculty and staff, including 27 with senior professional and technical titles, 113 with associate senior professional and technical titles, 291 teachers with double professional quality, 398 with master's degree or above, 5 experts of scientific and technological achievements evaluation in Hebei Province, 12 members of the national Steering Committee of mechanical industry. Fifteen people have served in the education and teaching research institutes at or above the provincial and ministerial level, forming a team of teachers with excellent quality and reasonable structure, which has a great influence on the education and teaching reform of the national mechanical industry education system and the higher vocational education system of Hebei Province.
The College continuously deepens the reform of education and teaching, actively explores and practices the personnel training mode of university-enterprise mutual integration, integration of learning and industry, and dual training of virtue and technical skills to meet the needs of regional economic development. The school attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and cooperation, and has established friendly cooperative relations with more than 20 universities in Germany, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries. In recent years, it has published 366 books (textbooks), 1291 papers, approved 1 national education science "12th Five-Year" plan project, 63 provincial projects, 331 municipal projects, obtained 489 authorized patents, and won 247 achievement awards at all levels. It has built a provincial science popularization demonstration base "UAV Intelligent Application Science Base". Students have won one international award, 21 national awards, 320 provincial and ministerial awards, and 266 municipal awards in various skills competitions at all levels. The quality of talent training of the school has been widely praised by the industry and society. Since its establishment, the school has cultivated more than 70,000 professional technical and management talents for the society. Providing technical training and services for enterprises has directly created more than 600 million yuan of economic benefits.
(The above data is as of December 31, 2021)