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Department of Finance, Accounting and Management Engineering
  • 2022-11-28
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The Department of Finance, Accounting and Management Engineering is employment-oriented and service-oriented. Adhering to the educational philosophy of " improvement, perfection", the department is committed to the comprehensive development of arts, science and multiple disciplines to cultivate senior applied talents engaged in business operation, business planning, management and service. The Department of Finance, Accounting and Management Engineering is a dynamic and very active department, with two teaching and research departments of finance and business management. It offers 7 majors including accounting, financial management, e-commerce, marketing, marketing (new media direction), logistics management and Industrial design. At present, our department has 41 teachers, 32 business advisors, 6 accountants, 6 senior certified public accountants, 3 visiting professors and 3 senior logistics professionals. It has practice training room of accounting computerization, accounting manual training room, e-commerce simulation training room, logistics hardware operation training room, logistics simulation training room, marketing investigation and planning training room, exhibition training room and other practice training places with accounting, e-commerce, logistics and other work training and identification qualifications.

The Department of Finance, Accounting and Management Engineering adheres to the concept of "integration of major and post, doing while learning, and win-win situation between the university and enterprise", and actively promotes the teaching reform. As a key major of the school, the marketing major takes the lead in the reform attempt, teaching typical work tasks as units and cultivating students according to the post requirements. Relying on the operation of online stores, the major of E-commerce has achieved a bold breakthrough and reform in teaching, allowing students to "learn business while studying, learn business knowledge in practice, earn money while going to school and start a business in class"; The major of logistics management focuses on warehousing, distribution and transportation and cultivates highly skilled management talents. The major of accounting computerization highlights the cultivation of students' "accounting manual ability, tax-related processing ability and computerization ability" in the teaching, which comprehensively improves students' professional ability. We pay attention to the use of modern teaching methods, teachers' teaching level and scientific research ability constantly improve. In the past 3 years, It have compiled more than 50 kinds of teaching materials, written nearly 200 papers, completed more than 10 provincial and ministerial projects, and now undertake the research tasks of more than 10 scientific research projects.

The Department of Finance, Accounting and Management Engineering keeps close contact with well-known enterprises in the province, and regularly invites senior professionals engaged in practical business to give special reports or lectures. Students regularly visit relevant positions in enterprises to learn operation rules and practical requirements, and practice training under the guidance of professionals.

Since the establishment of the department, the graduates of the Department of Finance, Accounting and Management engineering have been all over the major and medium enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and have been in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places. The supply and demand of graduates are booming. Their good professional quality and ability on the job, by the employer's praise.