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Department of Materials and Architectural Engineering
  • 2022-11-28
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The Department of Materials and Architectural Engineering is the key backbone department of our college. With the tenet of "bright morality, be pragmatic and strive for excellence", it serves students, enterprises and the society wholeheartedly. Now the department has opened Materials Forming and Control Technology (digital forming and 3D printing technology direction, metal Materials and testing technology direction), Welding Technology and Automation, Construction Engineering Technology, Engineering Cost. The main majors opened in 1956, the Material Forming and Control Technology major is the national mechanical industry characteristic major, the central financial support construction major. The major of welding technology and automation is the key major of the college. There are 49 full-time and part-time teachers, 6 professors, 16 associate professors, 1 senior experimentalist and 26 enterprise experts. One person is selected for the New Century "Three Threes Talents Project" of Hebei Province, one outstanding teacher of Hebei Province, one vice chairman of Hebei Casting Association, one vice chairman of Hebei Welding Association, one director of Hebei Heat Treatment Association, one member of the National Mechanical Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee, and five senior examiners of vocational skill appraisal. Two teachers went to the United States and Canada for exchange.

Department of Materials and Architectural Engineering has the metallographic analysis training room, chemical analysis training room, modeling materials training room, mechanical properties training room, material molding CAE simulation training room, material molding training center, welding training center, heat treatment training center, architectural engineering training base and other experimental and practical training conditions on campus.

Relying on the Metal Materials Processing and Digital Molding Application Technology Research and Development Center of Hebei Province, the Department of Materials and Architectural Engineering collaborates with enterprises to develop technology and transform results. Completed the research on the application of liquid curing agent in sodium glass sand, the development of low temperature resistant ductile iron wind power generation castings, the new tempering process of 2Cr13 steel, the development of HT-9 (digital) weld weld flaw detector, the development of GZU12B steel cold rolling and twisting unit and other projects, among which won the second prize of national teaching and research achievements. Among them, it has won 1 second prize of national teaching and scientific research achievements and 1 second prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress, 2 Xingtai City science and technology progress of the third prize, obtained 6 national patents, published more than 120 professional papers, compiled 12 teaching materials.

The graduates of the Department of Materials and Architectural Engineering are employed in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei equipment manufacturing industry, and radiate to the whole country. The graduates of the department are welcomed by employers for their high comprehensive quality and strong professional ability. The employment rate of graduates reaches 97%. The Department of Materials and Architectural Engineering also offers "Li Xinsheng Scholarship", "Ai Xielin Scholarship" and other corporate scholarships to encourage students to make contributions to enterprises.