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Our Institute Holds Special Training of "Chinese + Vocational Skills"
  • 2021-12-31
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On December 30th, our institute held the special training of "Chinese + Vocational Skills" in Jinmailang Conference Room, Derun Building. The training was jointly held by the Office and the Academic Affairs Office. Three senior experts from Beijing Institute of Technology were invited by our institute to give a wonderful report on the topic of internationalization construction online. Vice Principals Li Chaopeng and Zhang Nengyun attended the training, as well as secretaries of departments, directors, directors of teaching and research departments, professional leaders and backbone teachers. The training was conducted by Zhang Nengyun.


Li Chaopeng gave a welcoming speech and thanked the three experts for guiding the international exchange work of our institute. He pointed out that "Chinese + Vocational skills" is a key project of international exchange and cooperation in the College's Action Plan for Improving the Quality and Training of Vocational Education (2020-2023). The "Chinese + Vocational Skills" training is aimed at expanding the international exchange and cooperation of our institute and expanding the influence of our institute. Li Chaopeng asked all participants to cherish this precious opportunity, study hard, apply what they have learned, and promote in-depth international exchanges and cooperation.


The three experts, with accurate and reliable data and abundant practical cases as the main line, deeply interpreted the essence and connotation of the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" project from the perspectives of "Introduction to the Internationalization Construction of Beijing Polytechnic College", "Comprehensively Improve the Internationalization Literacy of Teachers and Students, Promote the Connotative Development of the Internationalization of The School", "Overseas Teaching Standards and the Compilation and Exploration of Industrial Chinese" and so on. It has improved our understanding of "Chinese + vocational skills" talent training and opened our working ideas, which has practical theoretical and practical guiding significance.


In his concluding speech, Li Chaopeng required that all departments should earnestly study the experience in the construction, promotion and management of the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" project, continue to learn from excellent colleges and universities for advanced ideas and achievements, constantly improve the ability of teachers, cultivate and select a large number of excellent teachers, and develop language and skills training for teachers and students of cooperative colleges and overseas employees. We should strengthen the development of teaching resources, effectively connect the standards of vocational education between China and foreign countries, export electromechanical characteristics and electromechanical Chinese to overseas as soon as possible, and make due contributions to the "One Belt, One Road" strategy.


Zhang Nengyun pointed out that in order to carry out international exchanges and cooperation, we should have an international consciousness, bear in mind the world, and constantly train teachers and students with an international vision. We should have a sense of innovation, accumulate steadily, and stick to practice while researching in our work. We should have a sense of teamwork, seize the opportunity, build a team that can bear hardships, dedicate and fight, and create a new situation of win-win cooperation with the government, the university, the enterprise and the industry. We should promote the steady and long-term international exchange and cooperation of our institute.