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“Small Library, Big Energy” -- The "Foreign Expert Library" of Our Institute is Officially Open to International Friends
  • 2020-10-21
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Recently, with the support of Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Hebei Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, the "Foreign Expert Library" of our institute is officially open to international friends.


"Foreign Expert Library" has a wide variety of books and a warm and comfortable environment, allowing international friends to fully appreciate the charm of Chinese culture. Since the establishment of the “Foreign Expert Library”, the institute has carried out many colorful exchange activities, such as giving books to international friends, inviting international friends to the “Foreign Expert Library” for discussion, carrying out a series of colorful cultural exchange activities, as well as the cultural exchange activities with the theme of "Communicate with Foreign Teachers Face to Face". Teachers and students read and exchange with foreign experts, arousing the interest in reading excellent foreign language books, playing a great role in cultivating the cultural confidence of teachers and students and promoting the cultural communication between China and foreign countries. David Christie, a British friend, said, "The opening of the library has provided me with a better learning and reading environment, and made me have a deeper understanding of the institute, and I also have a more profound sense of the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture."



In recent years, our institute has actively promoted international personnel exchanges and cooperation, and made full use of various intellectual programs to attract foreign experts to visit and work in our school. The opening of "Foreign Expert Library" has set up a platform for foreign experts to understand China and Hebei Province. The institute will continue to show China's posture and voice of Hebei on the international stage, realize the construction of "small library" playing the role of "big energy".